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Photo Tinting / Restoration by A Fine Line
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Need keepsake photos repaired?
Scratched or dulled? Send them to "Fine Lines" and we'll repair them and send them back to you like new at very low cost. Easily, we can also send you an electronic file to share with family and friends.

Have some extra special pictures you would like hand-tinted...
  • Wedding Pictures
  • Baby Pictures
  • Special Events, etc.
You can even specify what colors you would like where, or leave it entirely up to the creativity of the Artist.

For either repairs to your photographs or electronic hand-tinting, simply drop me an e-mail at and I will get back to you on prices and where to send your photograph.

The Artist scans your photograph and changes it to black and white. Then the detailed process of hand-tinting your favorite photograph electronically begins.
A time-consuming procedure but in the end, the results are truly memorable and priceless.

You can call A Fine Line at (352) 347-7788 for more details immediately.


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: