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Photo Tinting / Restoration by A Fine Line
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Hand-Tinted Photo - $40
Additional Copies of the same hand-tinted photo -
$10 a sheet (on 8 x 10 photographic paper)
wallets, 5x7's, ect.
Repairing photographs
depends a lot upon the time involved
which means how badly damaged the photo is
Minimal Damage - $35
Medium Repairs - $55
Extremely Damaged - $75
FOR BEST RESULTS on hand-tinted photo's:
Please send an 8 x 10 to be scanned
If you are e-mailing it, again make sure it is at least
8 x 10 size (before scanning) and at least 300 dpi.

You can call Fine Lines at (352) 347-7788 for more details immediately or e-mail
Thank you.